It was a cold night for hot dice!

Several Dallas Backgammon League regulars— and one newcomer— braved the icy temperatures to make their way to The Clubhouse for an evening of ABC: action, backgammon, and conviviality. “Upset” was the word of the evening as two newcomers to the 2020 Champions’ Circle took the crown, Reese and Scott, while Bobby and Z split the consolation winner’s spot. Some serious— very serious— action took place post-tournament where Z went on an amazing run of thirteen straight games spent holding the Box Seat in the after-hours chouette. He really brought the pain, but there was plenty of laughter and fun.…

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2020-01-29 Tournament Results

A Break in the Streak… Sort of.

Breaking somewhat from what was becoming the norm of Z & Pete splitting the final, this week saw Nancy and Pete as co-champions. Ron, meanwhile, defeated Yasemin in the Consolation Bracket. Thus, the DBL closes out January ahead of sending off a few of our League players to the Texas State Championships in San Antonio. Good luck to them, and we’ll see everyone back at the Clubhouse in February!…

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Z & Pete Split the Weekly Title… Again!

In what’s becoming a regular occurrence, January 22 Tournament action saw Z & Pete split the winner’s trophy due to time once again! Rich took home the Consolation Trophy with a win over Yasemin, and we were graced with a wonderful visit by Backgammon Royalty: Malcolm Davis, whose final match ended at the stroke of Midnight. A good time was had by all and many memories were made— we’ll see you next week!

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2020-01-15 Tournament Results

Z & Pete Split the Weekly Title!

January 15 Tournament action saw Z & Pete split the winner’s trophy due to time, Rich beating Reese in the Consolation final, and a new player, Albert, joining in on the fun. A good (and late) time was had by all— we’ll see you next week!

P.S., we’re trying out a nifty online bracket-making tool, a website called Draw Boss. It was created by backgammon players for backgammon players, and has an interesting story you can find here. This is our first time using it. We promise we’ll get better with it after a few more trial-and-error runs.…

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2020 Off to a Roaring Start

Larry’s happy to get the new Tournament Season underway!

Plenty of laughter and groaning— depending on the whims of the dice— could be heard at the inaugural night of the Dallas Backgammon League 2020 Tournament Season, and a good time was had by all. Check out our gallery of images and be sure to check our tournament schedule and sign up on our Facebook Group and “like” our Facebook Page! See you next week! Friendly and Tournament play is open to everyone, members and non-members alike, and we welcome all skill levels!…

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2020 Tournament Season Starting!

The Dallas Backgammon League 2020 Tournament Season will begin rolling January 8.

The new 2020 Dallas Backgammon League tournament season will kick off this Wednesday, January 8. Be sure to check our calendar schedule for more information on Tournament Play, as well as the time set aside for Friendly Play, beforehand. You’ll find Google Map location information, along with easy one-button ways to add reminders to your calendar there as well.

We look forward to seeing everyone— old rollers and new! Let’s make 2020 a year to grow backgammon in North Texas!

Be sure to visit the Dallas Backgammon League Facebook Group and join in order to receive push notifications, and give our Facebook Page a “like” when you can!…

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We’ll see you in 2020!

The final dice of the Dallas Backgammon League have been rolled— and you can see the final standings here— and we are going to tuck in, safe and warm, for the holidays.

We’ll see you for more teeth-gnashing, hair-pulling great times in 2020 starting January the 8th (you can find our schedule here).

You might have also noticed, we have a new website, so let’s ring in the New Year!

See you soon!…

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