Actually, you can find a lot of satisfaction playing backgammon.

Why We Do It

We learn by playing. And reading. And studying. And discussing. And playing some more. Together. As a League. We’re in love with the game, and want to spread the passion for it throughout the region. We welcome players of all abilities. We were all beginners once.

Our Story

The core members of the Dallas Backgammon League have been playing together, in one group or another, since the 1970s. Our members range from complete neophytes to highly-regarded, world class tournament champions. We do what we do for the love of the game.

What We Do

We play backgammon. A lot. If you want to play backgammon— or learn to play backgammon— the Dallas Backgammon League is the best place to do it in all of North Texas. How we play, as a League, can be put into three buckets:

Friendly Play

Relaxed Pre-Tournament Play

Friendly matches begin when players arrive, usually starting around 6:30 PM. Come learn!

Tournament Play

Points-Tallied Open Tournament

Bracketed, points-tallied tournament play begins around 7:30 with a $20 entry fee.

Monte Carlo Nights

Added Stakes, Added Fun

Occasional added-money tournaments. Higher stakes equals higher energy! Members only!

Come toss the dice…

Except for holidays, we play every Wednesday, same time, same place, same everything. Just find a date when you can make it, and join us!