It was a cold night for hot dice!

Several Dallas Backgammon League regulars— and one newcomer— braved the icy temperatures to make their way to The Clubhouse for an evening of ABC: action, backgammon, and conviviality. “Upset” was the word of the evening as two newcomers to the 2020 Champions’ Circle took the crown, Reese and Scott, while Bobby and Z split the consolation winner’s spot. Some serious— very serious— action took place post-tournament where Z went on an amazing run of thirteen straight games spent holding the Box Seat in the after-hours chouette. He really brought the pain, but there was plenty of laughter and fun. And plenty of jaw-dropping amazement as very nearly every dice roll fell juuuuust right. The club also welcomed a new player, Alex, a friendly fellow who really knows his stuff; his game was solid right from the start, so welcome, Alex, and we hope to see you back, soon!

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